A Primer on Art Education

by  Nandalal Bose

The six canons of art which guided and inspired the artists of ancient India were formulated in a condensed form in the following Sanskrit Sloka:

Rupabheda pramana bhavalavanyayojanam sadrisya varnikabhanga iti chitra sadangam.

In brief the sloka means that Sadanga, the six

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Rabindranath's Art

by  Nandalal Bose

Nandalal Bose writes in The Visva-Bharati Quarterly:

Rabindranath was all his life a deeply observant student of Nature in all its aspects and moods. To catch the abstract spirit hidden behind forms was with him an easy process. Whenever he would sit down to paint anything, the abstract idea

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On Tagore’s Art

by  Nandalal Bose

Those who have read the introductory poem in Chhada will have some idea as to how stray thoughts come floating into the mind, all disconnected, and how an idea would link them together and how the whole things would then assume the chhada form- stray thoughts lightly strung together and

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