Notes from My Diary

by  F N Souza

After observing with wonder the infinite skies as far as possible with naked eyes from a small hill on a clear and star-filled night, you ask me to fix what I saw as well as what I know of the unknown Infinite in writing! Countless suns and stars, spheres in space, dots in the blue, cold and milky spots

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Exhibition in Bombay Art Salon, 1948

by  F N Souza

Exhibition of Paintings

23 - 30 November, 1948

Bombay Art Society Salon, Bombay

I was born in Goa, April 1924. My parents are Roman Catholics. I am an atheist. But I developed a love for stained - glass windows and church-music. First the Gregorian chant and then Mozart's Requiem, and

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Letters to Krishen Khanna

by  F N Souza

From: F N Souza

Dated: 6th April 1986

Mr. Motilal Vora,

Chief Minister, Bhopal,

Madhya Pradesh, India

. . . I read the report in the times of India on the tragic Karanth affair

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