Thoughts about everything - and selfconsciousness

by  Jogen Chowdhury

The very first inscription: It's not just making figures or clothes, but making the drawing of figures or clothes purposeful.*


Stillness is no end or still. There is also a tremendous power in the stillness of an object, a force which is no less than apparently a matter in great

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On Drawing

by  Jogen Chowdhury

I have been more intensely engaged in drawing since 1987, when I left Delhi and came down to settle in Santiniketan. It was a matter of compulsion then, to be traced back to personal and family factors. I have not been able to realize all that I had conceived, but in the last three years I have accumulated

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About My Painting

by  Jogen Chowdhury

Certain experiences and subjects, themes and times leave their trace on the growth of a painter's works. My childhood spent in Eastern Bengal (now Bangladesh), and the special quality of those times and that environment, have remained an integral component of the nature and style of my painting's -

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