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The Calcutta Group - Its Aims and Achievements

by  Prodosh Das Gupta

In the late 1920s the Bengal School movement rose to its apex. By then, eminent artists of the Bengal School took the banner of the revivalist movement into the four corners of the country propagating the cause of Indian art and thus gathering disciples under its banner. The network of the movement

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Calcutta Group, 1943


The Famine of Bengal in 1943 stirred among the artists of Bengal a grave desire to explore a new art language, one that would justly express the social cataclysm of the time. This tumultuous event is what gave rise to the significant modern art group, the Calcutta Group, in 1943. In an attempt to break

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The Calcutta Group

by  Pran Nath Mago

It was near about the time that Amrita Sher-Gil passed away (she died in 1941 at the age of 28) that a band of eight artists in Calcutta who formed a group in 1942-43, were aligned to her thinking. Similarly they summed up their view when they declared their manifesto:

"The guiding motto of our

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